jinha kim

Jinha Kim


Jinha Kim | Police Officer | Los Angeles Police Department

Police Officer III Jinha Kim is an instructor, assigned to Training Division, Basic Course Training Section.  She has been with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for 11 years and served the LAPD as a patrol officer, collision investigator at South Traffic Division, a recruiter/advisor at the Recruitment and Employment Division and currently assigned as an instructor as of September 2021.

Officer Kim received her BA in Liberal Arts/Elementary Education from Biola University and worked for 14 years as an Elementary School teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  During her tenure as a teacher, she was a part of a Cohort program with LAUSD and California State University Northridge in master’s in educational leadership and Administrative Credential Program.

Officer Kim currently serves as a board member for Law Enforcement Association of Asian Pacifics (LEAAP).  Her role as a membership outreach is to find new members and keep members posted with updates regarding LEAAP.

Officer Kim’s family consists of 6 members.  She recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to her wonderful husband.  She has an older daughter in her senior year at USC, “Fight ON!” and her younger son just started his first year at University of Hawaii at Manoa as a music major.  The other 2 members are her fur babies, the holland lop bunnies.  Her family is very active and adventurous which allows them to go on many camping, fishing, and skiing trips.  Officer Kim enjoys skiing and she will ski down any hills she can find but finesse and grace does not exist in her vocabulary.

Looking forward to meeting other new members.