Welcome to the Law Enforcement Association of Asian Pacifics (LEAAP) upcoming events!

We are thrilled to invite our esteemed members and supporters to join us in a series of engaging and insightful gatherings. Our events are designed to foster community, celebrate diversity, and promote excellence within the field of law enforcement. Whether you’re looking to network with fellow professionals, gain new insights into the challenges and opportunities facing our community, or simply enjoy a moment of camaraderie, our events are the perfect platform. We look forward to sharing these unique experiences with you and continuing our journey towards a more inclusive and effective law enforcement community. Join us as we unite under the common goal of service, leadership, and mutual respect.

The Law Enforcement Association of Asian Pacifics (LEAAP) is part of a fraternal organization under the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA). Here is a brief history of NAPOA.


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